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Added 25/08/2014
Shoots of recovery for Cyprus  
Overseas investment property - NewsThe huge downturn in Cyprus' property market is finally beginning to rectify itself, as the latest figures from the Land Registry reveal that there has been an increase in both foreign and domestic buyers. The island was forced to seek financial back up from the European Union after hitting rock bottom .....MORE
Added 25/08/2014
Stable Market in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi's real estate market saw little change in the second quarter, with rental rates remaining relatively stable and villa prices staying largely the same. However, despite little increase in sales aside from a 2 per cent rise in villa prices, the already buoyant market saw continued levels of demand for all properties. The research, which came from the latest residential report from Asteco, also revealed that rental cash sales share comparisons also dropped from the 36.9 per cent..... MORE
Added 25/08/2014
USA cash sales falling
Cash sales are falling in the USA, making up a mere 34.4 per cent of total home sales in the United States in May, the lowest figure since May 2010. The figures, originating from real estate company Core Logic, have shown that cash sales are clearly on the decline in the USA, with their numbers down 37.4 per cent year on year. Similarly, , cash sales share comparisons also dropped from the 36.9 per cent seen in April, , although it is important to acknowledge seasonal..... MORE
Added 25/08/2014
Expats to pay tax on UK rentals  
Overseas investment property - NewsExpats could potentially be stripped of their right to use the personal allowance under a tax raid prepared by George Osborne, meaning that they will be forced to pay taxes on any UK income. Currently, British Expats and EU Nationals are entitled to offset any income earned in the UK against a 10,000 personal allowance....... MORE



Buying property abroad involves a higher degree of risk than buying in the UK. Please read our buyers checklist before committing to purchase homes overseas.
Buying property abroad

Latest featured articles - Overseas property investment - Buying property abroad

More Capital to be made in Europe
Despite being the smallest continent in terms of landmass, Europe is still one of the world's most culturally relevant continents. The EU has 28 member states, each one possessing great investment potential......... MORE

Capital to be made in Europe
Arguably the most culturally diverse continent on the globe, Europe boasts historical significance as well as a variety of climates, architectural styles and prices. Perhaps the easiest way to see all of which the area has to offer is through Europe's........ MORE


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Tips for Brits buying in Europe
Generally low prices since the global downturn and positive buying conditions have enticed Brits back into the international property market, meaning that overseas investment is swiftly gaining popularity........ MORE

Germany - a winning property investment
Germany may have displayed their football talent this month becomming the first European team to win the World Cup in South America, but as a country they also have further merits. Although the country ...... MORE

Inheritance tax - know the rules
When investing abroad, most perspective buyers tend to be reasonably well informed in relation to tax matters. Stamp duty, income tax and capital gains tax..... MORE

Global price boom continues
House prices rose in 31 out of 45 housing markets which have so far published housing statistics, according to a survey of official house prices for the first quarter of 2014 from the Global Property Guide.....MORE

World Cup Fever
The 2014 World Cup has bought publicity to Brazil, both good and bad. However, tales of crime have been overturned by the huge economic impact the cup is likely to have on the country....MORE

Italy's top picks for Brits
When imagining Italy, images of Rome, Florence, Pisa and Pizza often spring to mind. Famed for its rich history, architecture and art are two of the main enticements to the country. However, dominating the list...MORE

Florida's hidden beaches
Famed for its sunshine holidays, the state of Florida is known for its 825 miles of beautiful beaches. Miami Beach and Daytona are amongst some of the most well known in... MORE

Florida's property market
comes bouncing back

The property market in Florida was one of the first to be hit by America's current economic issues. As one of the most popular yet over-developed markets where there's a high... MORE

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buying in Thailand
Thailand in the heart of Southeast Asia, occupies an area of nearly 200,000 square miles. It is a diverse country where the terrain ranges from forested mountains in the...MORE

Top ten reasons to buy in Canada
With Canada growing in popularity as a tourist destination creating more Fly to Let opportunities, Undiscovered Properties has come up with a Top 10 of reasons to invest there. MORE

Purchasing property outside the euro zone
The Euro Zone is the name given to the 15 European Union member states officially involved in a currency union and which all use the Euro as their sole sanctioned currency. MORE

Gap between the world's most and
least expensive cities is widening

Fly to let property owners and investors who like to know where their customers will get the best value for money have been given an... MORE

Singing the praises of a Canary Island
There are still property bargains to be found in Lanzarote – an island with year round rental potential – says Nick Ball, editor of the Lanzarote Guide Book. MORE

Holiday island a showcase for breathtaking architecture
If you had visited Phuket 10 years ago, you would have been struck by the graceful sweep of the steely sloping roofs that were a feature of almost all of the high-end... MORE

You can bet your bottom dollar on Canadian property
Whilst much talk in the media relates to the sub-prime mortgage market meltdown in the US, the global credit crunch, weakening currencies and of general uncertainty in many… MORE

Cape Verde: No longer a well kept secret
Only recently discovered as an international holiday destination, the Cape Verde islands of the coast of Senegal offer sun, sea and still sensational property prices. MORE

Finding a way through the Cyprus property labyrinth
Buying property anywhere without checking the buyer’s right to sell is dangerous. Buying in northern Cyprus, where political and social upheaval has made ownership rights... MORE

Proceed with care for maximum returns
Many UK property investors have benefited greatly by buying overseas, but there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid, says David Lawrenson. Those buying property abroad... MORE

Making Iberian dreams come true
Spain and Portugal have proved popular with overseas property investors, and with good reason, says Terry Corbitt. MORE

Vive la différence
It is easy to get to France, but the shortness of the journey belies the significant difference in French and British property, tax and inheritance laws. MORE

When in Rome
Italy is famed for its easy going lifestyle, but when it comes to property transactions that are precise and demanding rules that must be followed. MORE

French buyer beware
French law aims to protect property buyers, and the process of buying a house in France is structured and regulated. But this does not mean buyers can afford to relax... MORE


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